Target is in the news for relaxing their mask centered requirements. They recently announced they wouldn't require vaccinated staff and customers to wear one.

They still recommend them. They're just not required.

I don't know how or if they plan on checking, but it is interesting to me because many of us in Amarillo have already taken to not wearing masks. Also, many places around town haven't been strictly enforcing those rules for quite some time now.

I have to remind myself that we live in Amarillo, and the way things are here definitely aren't a reflection of the bigger picture. There are some places still struggling, and some places that would celebrate this news.

Here? It just feels like everyone is catching up to us when I see these headlines.

I'm not anti-mask. I was very outspoken about wearing a mask and doing your part. However, the situation has changed. When situations change, you have to look at them differently.

We went from being in the national news for how many people were infected, to being in the national news because we were rolling out vaccines better than most. We got with the program last year, and our numbers have gone down and stayed down.

Several other companies have announced recently that they are doing away with mask requirements for vaccinated persons. Even Hodgetown has said they won't be requiring masks while you're watching the game.

The question I have is does the majority of us even care? Or, have we already moved on?

Personally, I'm not going to miss and I don't miss wearing a mask around the clock. I do enjoy social distancing while standing in line at the grocery store. If we could keep that, I wouldn't mind.

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