I grew up hearing the alleged stories about Stanley Marsh 3rd, and I'm pretty sure I've heard them all.  From allegedly locking a kid in a chicken coupe, giving kids money to swim naked in front of him, money for sex with teenage boys, even having teenage boys do obscene things in elevators of banks, there's a ton of stories about the guy and there's no telling how many are fact.  Over the past few years, multiple lawsuits against Marsh have been filed with the plaintiffs seeking damages, so the truth might come out soon.

Another man has came forward, claiming he was another victim of Marsh.

"Filed April 14, 2014, in Potter County, the lawsuit states that the anonymous plaintiff claims he regularly had sex with Marsh and was supplied with drugs and alcohol when he was a minor.

He said Marsh also gave him money, which the plaintiff said he kept secret from his parents. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff also said he had repressed memories of the abuse until 2012 when other lawsuits were filed."


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