Invitations have been issued to members of the media proclaiming Sept. 9th as the date for a big new announcement from Apple.

According to CNN, the event will take place right in Apple's backyard at the 2,400-seat Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. The invitation is vague on what they'll be announcing at the show, saying just "wish we could say more," but speculation has been running rampant for a while now about a couple of new iDevices.

First reports of the iPhone 6 started a few months back, saying that the new phone will have a much larger screen in order to compete with Samsung, HTC, and other companies that offer massive phone screens. Also, Apple filed and was granted a patent for a "smartwatch" in July, meaning that the first major competition to the Samsung Gear could be making it way to the public eye in about ten days.

We fully expect a new iPhone announcement, because every year has a new iPhone launch and Apple is running out of time, but the smartwatch information is interesting. We wonder just how different it will be from the Samsung Gear, or if the smartwatch idea is even worth adopting. We'll be covering the event as it happens on Sept. 9, so keep it here for more Apple information and what the changes to the iPhone will mean for gamers.


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