Today, Apple announced two new versions of its incredibly popular iPad tablet.

Apple officially unveiled the all-new iPad Air 2 on Thursday. At just 6.1mm, it's the thinnest tablet the company has ever made, and marks it as the world's thinnest tablet. According to Apple, there's no air gap between the glass and the touchscreen itself, making it sharper and more responsive than ever before.

The iPad Air 2 is 180 times faster as graphics processing than the original iPad, all thanks to the A8X chip and iOS' Metal bolstering better gaming graphics than previous models. The iPad Air 2 will also include a new iSight camera, which features a 8MP camera, along with new hardware to make photography a stand out feature on the tablet. For the first time, 43MP panoramic photos can be taken as well.


TouchID also makes its debut on the iPad Air 2. Now you can sign in without entering passwords, or shop on the Apple storefronts with a simple touch of your finger. Apple Pay will also be available once iOS 8.1 arrives on Monday.

In addition to the iPad Air 2, Apple also announced the iPad Mini 3. Both tablets will be available in three colors, as well as three different price points. The iPad Air 2 with wi-fi will be available in 16GB ($499), 64GB ($599) and 128GB ($699) versions, with the cellular models coming in at $130 more per iteration. The iPad Mini 3 will also come in three different versions--16GB ($399), 64GB ($499) and 128GB ($599).

Both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will be up for pre-order starting tomorrow, and will start shipping next week in the U.S.


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