Earlier this week, in news that, if true, could easily rank among Hollywood's most WTF couplesreports surfaced that Ariana Grande was dating Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

It's not so much that they would (or wouldn't) make a good pair, but that it came so out of left field. They don't exactly operate within the same circles, and are both fresh out of longterm relationships: Grande with Mac Miller, who she announced her split from two weeks ago, and Davidson with Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David.

Random as it may seem, though, eagle-eyed fans have already begun to piece together a mounting pile of evidence that the two are, indeed, dating. Check out the 6 biggest clues below.


  • Ariana Grande, Instagram / Pete Davidson, Instagram
    Ariana Grande, Instagram / Pete Davidson, Instagram

    They've Been Liking Each Other's Instagrams

    Pretty innocuous, but still worth noting.

  • runningbullets, Twitter
    runningbullets, Twitter

    Both Have Been Sporting a Lot of Suspicious Cloud Imagery

    Grande has been making frequent use of the cloud emjoji on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, which at first might seem like some veiled promo for her upcoming album, Sweetener...except that she and Davidson have also both been seen rocking cloud phone cases. (See hers here, and his here). A little too coincidental, no?

  • WarWithinSelf, Twitter
    WarWithinSelf, Twitter

    They May Even Have Matching Tattoos

    Davidson recently posted an Instagram photo flaunting a new, mini-cloud tattoo on his middle finger. Then, mere days later, Grande showed up to the Billboard Music Awards with what looks like the same tattoo in the same place — pretty much hard proof that they have something going on.

  • AriantorsNTS, Twitter
    AriantorsNTS, Twitter

    Davidson Was Seen Wearing Grande's Merch

  • Pete Davidson, Instagram
    Pete Davidson, Instagram

    And A Manchester Bee Hat

    As far back as last month, Davidson shared an Instagram photo of himself wearing a bee hat captioned with bee emojis — a symbol that has come to represent the Manchester attack that left 23 dead at Grande's 2017 concert. Sure, he could just be showing his support, but in context, it seems significant.

  • Ethan Miller, Getty Images
    Ethan Miller, Getty Images

    AND Hanging Backstage at the BBMAs

    He was also caught on video hanging out backstage in the same area as Grande at the Billboard Music Awards, where she performed. You can catch him here, walking past in the beginning, and again waiting near the door of Grande's trailer at the end.

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