Ariana Grande is asking fans to give ex-fiance Pete Davidson a break.

In a series of Instagram stories posted Tuesday morning, the "thank u, next" singer urged fans to stop bullying the Saturday Night Live star. Grande, 25, said she is all about "forgiveness and positivity," and asked those receiving her message to embrace that message.

"I know u already know this but I feel I need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others," she said. "I really don't endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity."

The pop star went on to say that Davidson's well-being remains important to her. She then asked that her supporters not bully him in any capacity.

"I care deeply about Pete and his health. I'm asking you to please be gentler with others, even on the internet," she wrote. "I've learned thru my own mistakes not to be reactive on socials so i do understand. but you truly don't know what anybody is experiencing ever. regardless of what they choose to display on social media or how they may appear in public. i can promise u that. so please let whatever point you're trying to make go. I will always have irrevocable love for him and if you've gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point."

Grande's message came after Davidson, 25, posted a message on Instagram about the bullying he's experienced since the split. The comedian added that he'd hoped being  open and honest about his mental health would be helpful to others struggling, adding that he planned to continue advocating and continue living no matter how hard haters push him.

"I'm trying to understand how when something happens to a guy the whole entire world just trashed him without any facts or frame of reference. Especially in today's climate where everyone loves to be offended and upset it truly is mind boggling," he wrote. "I've been getting online bullied and in public by people for 9 months. I've spoken about BPD and being suicidal publicly only in the hopes that it will help bring awareness and help kids like myself who don't want to be on this earth."

Davidson continued, "I just want you guys to know. No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won't. I'm upset I even have to say this."

Grande and Davidson ended their engagement in October after about five months. The musician addressed the split in the music video for her latest single, "thank u, next." In the video, Grande posts a photo of them together, writing "Sry I dipped, Pete. I love u always."

Neither has revealed the reason for their breakup.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in New York City

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