Some ensembles are best left to Lady Gaga. This is a lesson Ashanti likely learned after her performance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ where she sported what looks like the most uncomfortable outfit in history.

The singer was on hand to perform her new single, ‘The Woman You Love.’ While her singing was good and dance moves on point, she seemed always about half an inch away from a wardrobe malfunction at any given time. Clad in what can best be described as an adult — make that very adult — black onesie, Ashanti sang and gyrated like a champ.

It’s hard to grasp what went into choosing this outfit. Was she attracted to the idea of being covered from the neck down in what looks like black pantyhose? Did the metallic stripes pointing towards her crotch make the sale? The apparent woven mittens cupping her chest? The quilted butt (no, seriously)?

If it’s any consolation, Ashanti sounded fantastic and her hair and makeup looked fantastic. Check out the fashion faux pas below!

Watch Ashanti Perform ‘The Woman You Love’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’