In today's society, men and women alike get tattoos.  They are somewhat of a norm.  But at what age would you allow your child to get inked?

My oldest nephew just turned 10 and he is already asking for a tattoo.  I keep telling him that it is something he needs to think about because once it's on his body it is there for good.  But regardless of what I say, he is determined to get some once he is of age.

My sister and brother-in-law are not opposed to it at all.  They said they would even be willing to let him get a tattoo at the age of 15.  I was shocked.

Now I'm not against tattoos.  I think to each his own.  My husband even has a few.  But to allow you child to get one is, in my opinion, ridiculous.  So I decided to do a little research, at what age can you legally get a tattoo in the state of Texas if you have parental consent?

I know that teens get tattoos all the time, illegally.  But after calling a few tattoo shops here in town, I found that in the state of Texas you cannot give parental consent to get a tattoo.  You have to be 18!

There are a few exceptions, though.  If a teen has a drug or gang related tattoo and would like to get rid of it, the parents can get a court order to have it modified.  It is a lengthy process.  You have to go before the courts and get the order, then submit the picture to the tattoo artist and get the entire process approved.

But like everything, there are ways around this.  Now I don't recommend this, but we all know at least one person who does tattoos in their bedroom or garage.  While this is unsanitary and often unsafe, it happens.

Personally, I would never allow my child to get a tattoo until he is of age.  Once he can vote, he can decide how he wants to decorate his body.  All I ask is that he go to a respectable tattoo parlor.  One that is clean and does a good job.

Teens often ask their parents for tattoos and piercings.  At what age would you allow your child to get a tattoo?