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Nick Jonas Says Athletes Should Be Lining Up for the 'Jonas Brother Effect'

Forget the "Drake Curse," in which hit singer Drake has a supposed knack for making sports teams lose whenever he comes to watch a game. Nick Jonas believes that athletes who come to Jonas Brothers concerts gain a magic touch and win championship games. Athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Cody Bellinger and Lewis Hamilton all attended the band's concerts just months before they dominated their respective sports. A coincidence? Nick Jonas thinks not! (via TMZ)

Woman Impersonates Prosecutor, Drops Charges Against Herself

Lisa Landon from New Hampshire has been charged with impersonating a prosecutor and falsifying documents to drop stalking and drug charges against herself. The 33-year-old is charged with one count of false impersonation and six charges of falsifying physical evidence. She also has additional charges for burglary and theft. Landon submitted falsified documents in three different court cases last November and December using the state's electronic filing system. (via Daily Mail)

Study Finds Average American Child Asks Parents for a Pet 1,584 Times Before Turning 18

A survey of 2,000 parents of school-aged children found 74 percent of children have asked for a pet... and they ask for one on average 11 times per month starting at age six! Two-thirds of parents have, eventually, given in to their children's wishes, but it usually takes two to three years of asking on average. Out of these, 78 percent of children have asked for a dog. Specifically during the holiday season, parents are ready to hear their child ask for a pet: 62 percent of children who've asked their parents for a pet double down during holidays. (via People)

Dua Lipa Announces Exclusive Studio 2054 Event

The "Future Nostalgia" singer is giving her fans a new way to experience her music through an "exclusive" Studio 2054 event, which she described as a "multi-dimensional live experience" that she created to replace her tour due to the pandemic. The experience will be more like a live music video rather than a live show. During this event there will be dancers, guest appearances and guest performances. The 2054 event will be filmed in a massive warehouse, according to a statement she made on her Instagram. (via People)

Sandra Oh and Awkwafina Are Teaming Up for a Netflix Film

The two actresses are set to star in a Netflix film together... and the premise of the movie sounds so funny! Deadline reports that the movie is about a “lonely recluse whose life is upended when her train wreck of a sister vows to mend their relationship by helping her fulfill her lifelong dream: to be a contestant on her favorite game show.” The title of the movie and other details have not yet been released. In addition, Sandra Oh is supposed to star in other Netflix series called The Chair, written by Amanda Peet. (via Just Jared)

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