Yesterday morning around 11, APD officers responded to a shots fired call at 4124 S Washington in Amarillo.  7 minutes later was arrival by poh-leese, where the resident of the house had a gun.  Welcome to Texas!

But seriously, that's the real reason you don't mess with Texas...

Okay for real though, Amarillo Police had this to say...

"APD officers responded to a shots fired call at 4124 S Washington St at 11:10 AM. Officers arrived at approximately 11:17 AM. The resident, a BM 18 years of age, heard banging on the back door of the house as though someone was trying to force their way in. The resident had access to a handgun and confronted two suspects. One suspect was described as being average height and the other is close to six feet tall. Both suspects were described as light skinned black males, approximately 20 years of age. One of the suspects was wearing a red shirt. The resident open fired on the suspects possibly striking one of them. Approximately 5 shots were fired at the suspects. The suspects left on foot through the back yard in an unknown direction."

At this time there have been no arrests made and no known injuries to the man behind the gun or the men in front of it.

The investigation is on-going. If you have any information about this attempted burglary, contact the Amarillo Police Department at 378-3038.

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