Every young lady dreams about her wedding day.  All the flowers, the guests, and marrying the man of her dreams. However, he cost of a wedding is going up.

A new survey by theknot.com reveals that the average cost of a wedding is $32,641. That's up $5,000 from 2010. Other findings:

  • The most expensive place to marry in the US is Manhattan where couples spend $82,299 on their wedding.
  • The most affordable place to marry is Alaska where an average wedding costs $17,361
  • The average wedding has 139 guests
  • The average cost of a wedding reception is $14,788
  • The average cost of an engagement ring is $5,871 up from $5,855 in 2014
  • The 2013 national average spent on a wedding dress was $1,281, and the year before it was $1,211. Apart from venue, photographer, and planner, the wedding dress was one of the costliest items of the whole event.

So this begs the question:  Do you REALLY want to spend that much on a wedding?

Eloping to Vegas sounds pretty good to me. Basic ceremonies there cost as little as $55 (tack on tips and a "minister" fee).  Still, if I could get married by a guy in an Elvis costume, I'd jump at the opportunity!

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