Azealia Banks has been dropped from U.K. festival Born & Bred after slinging slurs at Zayn Malik on Twitter.

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Azealia Banks has found herself in yet another war of words on social media. The rapper went on Twitter and Instagram today (May 10) to accuse former One Direction member Zayn Malik of biting her work in his new "Like I Would" music video.

"Damn Zayn be mood boarding the fuck of out me," Banks wrote as the caption to a picture comparing her work to Malik's. "I'm not mad about this though. Zayn is a cutie pie."

This didn't go over so well with Zayn Malik's fans as they began attacking Azealia Banks on Twitter. The rapper addressed the insults with the following tweet.

"Ok little wyt kids I def like Zayn and def think he's a cutie pie," Banks tweeted. "Please stop calling me n----r LOL."

Zayn Malik eventually commented on the matter himself but refused to mention Azealia Banks by name. He did state that she was reaching.

"My @'s too good for you," Malik responded. "No lies... I see you reaching but I don't care."

Banks would hit back with her own jab at Malik's music.

"What isn't a reach is that a 4 track EP scored higher on Metacritic than ur debut album," she fired back.

Apparently Malik's supporters got a hold of Banks' phone number as she began receiving calls from the angry fan base. Banks mentioned this on Twitter before throwing a few more insults at the singer.

"Lol Zayn's f----t ass gave my cell number to his fans," Banks wrote. "LOL Zayn Malik is a f----t. Lol all the one directioners are hitting up the Azealia Banks hotline! So many new fans! Lol Zayn bitch ass gave my cell number out to his fans two hours ago. If that's not some f----t shit. WHO KNOWS WHAT IS!?"

Fed up with being harassed on her phone, Banks ended her rant by posting the email address to Malik's Facetime account. Check out the entire back and forth between the two below.

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