It seems like B.o.B is putting the saying "Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear" to proper application, as the rapper has been on Twitter since Sunday evening (Jan. 24) sharing a conspiracy theory with fans. In a photo posted to the social media site, B.o.B. challenges the widely-held belief that the earth is round, writing, "The cities in the background are approx. 16 miles apart... where is the curve ? please explain this."

From there, the rapper went on to post a number of other photos and tweets (included, in part, below) citing different theories that work to disprove the scientific notion. "No matter how high in elevation you are... the horizon is always eye level ... sorry cadets... I didn't wanna believe it either" he wrote, before recalling an experience seeing a free faller attempt a stunt for Red Bull. It would appear that B.o.B.'s largest piece of evidence is his own sight, as he repeatedly questions why a curvature can not be seen at certain altitudes. "Don't believe what I say, research what I say," he also wrote.

B.o.B. continued the tweet spree Monday morning, posting a series of photos and captions that use distance and visible sights to disprove the earth's roundness. Check out a few of the tweets and photos below, with the full run available on the rapper's Twitter feed. He's added one about man's visit to the moon as well, just to cover all conspiratorial bases.


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