We are pretty excited about The Texas Panhandle Baconfest!

It’s coming May 12th to the Rex Baxter Building on the Tri-State Fairgrounds.  Here at Townsquare Media and along with your favorite radio station, we bring a lot of events to Amarillo.  But Baconfest is different.  It’s bigger, tastier, and more en vogue than anything we’ve done before.  And this is the FIRST one!

Imagine the memories you’ll tell your grandchildren years from now about being at the first Baconfest, before it got all corporate when it was a pure bacon party.  You know, before sausage demanded to be included.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about Baconfest though the event’s Facebook page and from calls made to the radio station.  One question we are often asked about Baconfest is, “Why?”  And although it seems pretty obvious to us “why” we thought we’d give you some specific reasons.  So here, in no particular order, we give you:


11. We wanted to put on an event that was easy to explain.  It’s a pure bacon party.  Enough said.

10. Since we already present The Wine Down and The Texas Panhandle Beerfest, our boss rejected the event committee’s Champagne On The High Plains event. His suggestion was instead of doing an event with ALCOHOL, cool food and hip stuff, we might try a FOOD event with hip stuff and cool alcohol.

9. On the eighth day He created bacon and He saw that it was good. Perhaps too good. Almost sinful. But thankfully, Eve ate an apple and not a strip of bacon.

8. Everyone looks sexy when holding a strip of bacon.

7. If we brought Toby Keith to Amarillo, 96.9 Kiss FM and it's Hit Music listeners wouldn’t go.  If we brought Drake to the Civic Center, 98.7 Lonestar and their classic rock listeners wouldn’t go.  If we brought Joe Walsh to the Globe-News Center, Mix 94.1 and listeners of the 80's, 90's and Now wouldn’t go. And If we brought Ed Sheerin to town, 101.9 The Bull's country music listeners wouldn’t go.  Therefore, we are bringing Bacon to town so everybody can go!  Listen to what you want at Baconfest but please use your earbuds.

6. We almost held the Pumpkin Spicefest, which would have been well attended by High Plains soccer moms but our boss pointed out 8 of 10 people love bacon and a pure bacon party would appeal to a wider audience.  The added suggestion we also host a tattoo and body piercing convention was laughed off because loving bacon does not make us pagan.  Please.

5. With an abundance of appreciation for cattle on the Golden Spread, we thought there should be plenty of love left over to celebrate Some Pig.

4. Because it’s not only a Texan right to enjoy copious amounts of bacon, eating bacon is clearly a celebration of our country, the United States of America. One nation, under a thick slice of maple smoked bacon, irresistible, eaten by the young, the old, and et all.

3. Since they haven’t made pot legal in Texas yet we decided to cancel plans for the Mary Jaynival.  After that meeting adjourned we were ravenously hungry, saved only by the receptionist’s smoked bacon, hidden in the back of the break room refrigerator. As the pilfered bacon was microwaved an intern suggested instead of celebrating smoked herb, we could celebrate smoked meat.  Boom! (sorry Willie fans; he doesn’t play for smoked bacon).

2. Pound for pound, bacon is cheap but unlike bologna it doesn’t scream poverty.  It also requires some skill and effort to prepare, unlike simply giving up and killing off another can of Vienna Sausages.  Bacon is uptown.

1. This short poem might illuminate our reasoning:

Roses are red, violets are blue.

Bacon is awesome, unless you’re a Jew.

Those are just 11 of the countless reasons we decided to host the inaugural Texas Panhandle Baconfest. We hope to see you May 12th at the Rex Baxter Building.  Tickets are on sale now for only $20 bucks at TexasBaconfest.com.

There’s a hundred reasons to come out but the number one reason?


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