The people cannot get enough Batman. He’s everywhere: he fought Superman, now he’s in the Justice League, soon he’ll return to another solo movie, and he ended up back in the news due to Adam West’s passing — we’re living in the Batman-est of all possible worlds. And those Batmaniacs clamoring for more time with the Caped Crusader before he returns in Justice League on November 17 are in luck, because Bruce Wayne and a couple familiar friends will storm nationwide theaters for a special one-night engagement this summer.

The folks at /Film have noted that boutique exhibition outfit Fathom Events is coordinating a public showing of the new animated film Batman and Harley Quinn in multiplexes across America on the night of August 14. The actual list of theaters featuring the film won’t be available until tickets go onsale on June 30, but Fathom’s reach is far and wide — pretty much anyone in the States should have ready access to the film. In the event that you’re reading this from your 10 Cloverfield Lane-style subterranean bunker and feel a little leery about surfacing into the outside world, have no fear, the movie will be available for anyone to digitally rent or own later on in August.

In the film, Batman and Robin join forces with the usually nefarious Harley Quinn to best a common enemy; Poison Ivy has teamed with The Floronic Man to eliminate humankind in an effort to salvage what’s left of Earth. (One of the more faintly noble quests for total homo sapiens genocide.) As Poison Ivy’s usual bestie, if not bestie-with-benefits, Harley Quinn is Batman’s only hope of figuring out her plan and foiling it, but not before some odd-couple levity can break out between the two. The ensuing combination of action, comedy, and muted sapphic sexual tension should delight Batman fans far and wide.

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