Question: Should I take my car to a drive-in claims center?

Answer: No! Today's automobiles are too complex for an accurate visual estimate. A drive-in claims center often doesn't have the equipment needed for examining your vehicle properly. And even if it does, it doesn't have a representative from your body shop to make certain that all the damage is assessed. There is only one place for the adjuster to examine your vehicle: At the shop of your choice!

Question: How long will the repairs take?

Answer: A good body shop will take the time to do the job right. Sometimes it may encounter delays when necessary parts are not available locally. Expect an estimate of when the work will be done, but not a promise.

Question: What do I do if my insurance company and the body shop cannot agree on the cost of repairs?

Answer: Be aware of the "Appraisal Clause" in your insurance policy. If the insurance company and the body shop cannot agree on what the repairs should cost, this could provide a means for fair settlement.

Question: What if my body shop requests a supplementary allowance once repairs have begun?

Answer: Every appraiser is required to re-inspect damaged vehicles when supplementary allowances are requested by repair shops.

Question: What if my insurance company insists on another estimate?

Answer: Your adjuster can obtain a competitive estimate from another shop only by having that shop's owner or his authorized agent physically inspect your automobile.

Question: Am I required to accept this estimate?

Answer: No. Do not be pressured into having work done by a shop simply because of a lower price.

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