Texans have a tendency to be rather... passionate about our culture. Our Texas-based fast food chains are no exception.

There's countless Whataburger memorabilia, like holiday ornaments, James Avery Jewelry, LEGOs and more.

Other chain restaurants have the same level of devotion. If I go to Austin, I must stop by Taco Cabana, and if I head toward Dallas, I must get a brisket burrito from Buc-ee's.

A San Antonio-based artist has tapped into Texas' collective psyche and made the best Etsy shop of all time. It has nothing but prints of his original paintings. And every painting is a beloved Texas chain in the pastoral style we've seen countless times in our grandmother's living rooms.

If you must have your favorite Texas institution in your home immediately, head over to visit meandyouart on Etsy.

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