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Just as we do every week, the PopCrush editors have selected their favorite new songs for your listening pleasure from #NewMusicFriday and beyond, ranging from up-and-comers to tried-and-true superstars.

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JoJo, “Like This”

JoJo’s Mad Love is a thunderously vindictive return from a decade-long, label-dictated blackballing, but it’s the album’s moody seduction that’s perhaps most gripping. Rippling between cinematic percussion and snarling synth, “Like This” begs for slow, measured dance grooves, and smoothly unveils layers of uncomplicated sex without breaking a sweat. “Can’t keep my name of your lips,” the artist purrs in what’s likely an accurate forecasting of the song’s reception. — Matthew Donnelly

Tomomi Itano, "O.M.G."

Forget the d--- bicycle-riding of Ariana Grande's "Side to Side" and try Tomomi Itano's new gym-themed video on for size: The former AKB48 member and Japanese pop idol delivers flawless sugary sex appeal on her latest single "O.M.G.," a synthy, pulsating electro-pop jam with nods to neon-hued '80s pop. And don't worry about the language barrier: If you can't speak Japanese, just let the funky music (and flirty clip!) do the talking. It's tasty, nasty, ooh yeah yeah... — Erica Russell

Little Mix, "Shout Out to My Ex"

If Little Mix had to copy any kiss-off anthem out there (and, well, they didn’t, but here we are), at least they picked one as good as GRL’s “Ugly Heart.” But barring that lawsuit-worthy resemblance, “Shout Out to My Ex” is a solid pop track in its own right — those blaring guitars! that anthemic chorus! so much attitude! — but it's an even better PR move. Sure, the song doesn’t necessarily have to be about any specific person — each member of Little Mix likely has a long-ago relationship they’d prefer remain firmly planted in the past, because don’t we all? — but some of those lyrics (“Took four long years to call it quits”) sure do hint heavily at one specific ex(-boybander). But whatever! “Shout Out to My Ex” is a satisfying screw you to anyone who’s ever moved on from a toxic union — especially if you didn’t consider it so at the time. They say time heals all wounds, but it’s perspective that ultimately offers the greatest gratification. And besides, what better way to move on from a dick who did you dirty than by profiting off all that heartbreak? — Ali Szubiak

Parson James, "Sad Song"

Now, "Sad Song" might sound like a sad song — but don't be fooled: our PopCrush Presents pick is smiling all the way through his midtempo post-break-up bop. Parson continues to prove himself a formidable contender for stealing the show at pop radio (eh heh!) with his catchiest solo offering yet, complete with his signature Southern soulful crooning ("Oh my gooooodness!") and mile-a-minute hooks that would make Maroon 5 envious. — Bradley Stern

Golden Coast, “Comeback Kid”

Where One Republic often compound cheesiness by trying to avoid it, contemporaries Golden Coast embrace indie-pop inclinations for a track that spills over with synthy potential. Almost immediately after its PopCrush premiere, “Comeback Kid” shot up to the top of Hype Machine, and Spotify snatched it up for a handful of playlists — it’s no wonder, the song’s breezy and unfettered but still interestingly adrift. Leaving the type of impression that first put Foster the People or Passion Pit on the map, the song has longshot radio hit written all over it. — Matthew Donnelly

Sofi Tukker, "Awoo"

As we continue to speed through autumn, New York City's electro-pop duo Sofi Tukker, the musical magicians behind the undeniably catchy "Drinkee," are still living out those summer vibes on their latest mesmerizing single, "Awoo." Instantly infectious thanks to a relentlessly bouncy piano riff and howling (literally) chorus, this rhythmic dance jam offers a different kind of trop-pop. Ditch your fall cardigan while listening to this one—you'll be feeling hot, hot, hot without it. — Erica Russell

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