For his 25th film, James Bond is looking to a different queen for some help, and has targeted Beyonce for the milestone theme song.

Since 1964's Goldfinger, the Bond film franchise has turned to some of the most celebrated recording artists for its iconic theme songs. Over the past 50 years, artists like Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon and Adele have lent their talents to the spy franchise, with a number of those artists earning Grammy nominations for their efforts. Though it wasn't until Adele's epic 2013 ballad for Skyfall that Bond finally took home the gold, that's reportedly one of the big selling points for Beyonce, who now has her sights set on 007.

According to the Daily Star, Bond 25's producers have reached out to Queen Bey to see if she would be interested in performing the theme for the landmark movie. Sources close to the project have hinted this is something the singer is definitely interested in, and that Adele spoke with Bey before the meeting to give her insight into the process.

For a short time, rumors hinted that Adele would return for the Bond 25 theme, making her only the second star aside from Bassey to record multiple Bond tracks. However, it now seems the producers want to go in a different direction to capitalize on Beyonce's status and to keep the Grammy awards flowing like women weave in and out of Bond's bachelor life.

Adele did win a Grammy, an Oscar and a Golden Globe for "Skyfall," so hitting that trifecta would certainly appeal to Beyonce. For as many musical awards as she's won, the Golden Globe and Oscar have eluded her thus far.

We'll have to wait a while to see what happens with Beyonce's involvement in Bond 25, especially considering the film isn't slated to arrive until 2019. However, working with a British super-spy is nothing new for Bey, who aided Austin Powers in Goldmember—a riff on Goldfinger—as well as recorded music for the film. However, Bond has a debonair prestige that the comedy spoof just can't match, making this opportunity one the artist probably shouldn't pass up.

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