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World Record Set at 32 Big Macs Eaten in 38 Minutes 

Joey Chestnut is the holder of a grossly awesome title after devouring a record-setting amount of Big Macs in one sitting. The competitive eater posted a video to his social media, stating that for his cheat day he would be attempting something no one else had ever done.

He got 15.36 pounds of McDonald's delivered and beat the previous record of thirty Big Mac, consuming 18,016 calories in the process. (via TMZ)

4 in 10 Adult Americans Sleep With a Teddy Bear 

A recent survey conducted by Build-A-Bear found that four in every ten American adults still sleep with a stuffed animal.

More than half of those surveyed admitted to owning a plush animal. Whether it's sentimentalism or refusing to grow up, there is something adorable about people hanging onto their childhood friends long into adulthood. (via StudyFinds)

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