So any place you live will inevitably be missing a big name store or 3. In my short time here, I've noticed 3-4 places Amarillo doesn't have, and it kinda boggles the mind a bit as to why. Let's break this down.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Ok, I could spend a TON of time on this being I'm a big sports guy, so I'll do my best to keep it somewhat short. Sure, we have an Academy in town, but it's not the biggest or best one I've seen. Coming from the Austin area, we had MASSIVE Academy locations and they were all over the place. Here, it's the main stop for sporting goods needs. I love Academy, don't get me wrong, but having a Dick's Sporting Goods in the area would change the game. At Dick's, you can demo a lot of the equipment there to make sure it's what you want. From baseball bats to golf clubs, they have it all, and you can test it all as well. Nothing is better than being able to walk out of a store KNOWING you bought something you are in love with, not hoping you'll love once you use it. Dick's also has a tendency to carry a lot of the more niche items you don't find in Academy. Adding a Dick's in town to compliment Academy could change the game.

Cabela's & Bass Pro Shops

Truly amazed we don't have one of these big box outdoor retailers here in Amarillo. With the amount of hunting and fishing that can be had along the Panhandle along with the hiking and outdoor activities to be had at Palo Duro Canyon, it's shocking there isn't a one stop shop for everything you need. Either of these big chain stores would be a PERFECT fit for Amarillo in order to super serve the needs of those into the outdoors kind of things. No one that I've found in Amarillo can come close to providing what a Cabela's or Bass Pro could give. Maybe it's time to reach out to their corporate offices and sell them on the idea.

Dave & Buster's

Ok, before we freak out about this I want to state something. I love Cinergy and everything it offers. I find it to be the ultimate family fun place and is one of my favorite places to go and hang out in Amarillo. There's just something about Dave & Buster's though that screams adult playground. Cinergy and Dave & Buster's have plenty of similarities as far as the big games to play, food, drinks, etc. The atmosphere of Dave & Buster's is a big difference though. I've been in D&B locations that have nightclubs, massive full service bars and in states where it's legal, horse simulcasting so you can bet on the ponies. The game area feels like an indoor Vegas strip with how bright the lights are, I'm telling you, the atmosphere just sucks you in. It just feels like a place to be a kid without bringing the kids.

So there ya have it, 3 places we could use in Amarillo to heighten the shopping and playing experience. What else am I missing? I know there's plenty I didn't list.

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