Boosie BadAzz paid a man over $500 to take a brutal smack to the face for a music video.

The Louisiana rapper became a trending topic on March 27 after an Instagram video surfaced of him slapping the taste out of man's mouth in what appears to be a corner store. It turns out the hefty smack was all part of a music video for a song Boosie has with DaBaby titled "Period."

In the behind-the-scenes clip of the visual, Boosie and DaBaby approach the counter, where a man begins to berate Boosie. After a short exchange of words, Boosie hauls off and slaps the man viciously. This was all planned beforehand, with Boosie explaining the scene to the man before laying the smackdown. After the tough scene, Boosie cashes the man out. With a tip provided by DaBaby, the man reportedly raked in $554 for taking the smack on camera.

The stunt may have cost the rapper. Shortly after he posted the clip on his Instagram page, his page was once again deleted. Boosie had issues with Instagram in 2020, when his Instagram page was deleted for violating the app's policies. Boosie claimed IG was discriminating against him and said he was going to sue the app.

"I STARTED A NEW IG @boosienewig n they stopped my live soon as shaderoom posted it ‍♂️I HAVENT POSTED NOTHIN R WENT LIVE this is discrimination/racial etc. IM SUEING CALLING DREW NOW ‼️," he tweeted at the time.

It is unclear if he actually followed through on his threats.

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