In the age we live in, it seems that everyone is looking to push the limit of advertising. Some use shock factor, comedy, and even sex.

Like they say, "Sex Sells". Well, many people are now saying that this Boost Mobile commercial crossed the 'racism' line.

The commercial starts out with just two women sitting in a diner while one has issues with her super slow phone. The lady with the phone is African-American while the other is a white lady.

That is not the issue people are having with this. The issue appears to be when a "Genie" shows up and grants the African-American lady a brand new android phone, while refusing to grant the white lady the same wish.

Whether this is racism or just a cleverly written cell phone commercial remains to be seen. It is very easy for today's society to cry 'foul' on just about anything and I don't think this is any different.

Here's the video, you make the call. Racist or just good advertising?

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