Britney Spears just released her new video for the song "Slumber Party," featuring Tinashe, and it couldn't be any more steamy. Directed by Colin Tilley, the well-shot clip finds Spears arriving at a mansion for an all night shindig, where everyone is dressed to impress in formal wear.

Eventually, the pop singer makes her way upstairs and locks eyes with a bearded gentleman who becomes her love interest for the remainder of the video. There's also a cool solo shot of the 34-year-old sitting on a long purple couch, where she's dressed scantily, and that leads to a choreographed dance sequence.

About midway through the clip, Tinashe makes an appearance and hugs, grinds and flirts with Ms. Spears while both belt out the hook.

"Cause we got them candles hanging, hanging from the ceiling low / We use our bodies to make our own videos / Put on our music that makes us go f------ crazy / Like a slumber party, like a slumber party," they both sing.

Last month, Tinashe talked about shooting the video on Instagram and said working with Spears is a dream come true.

"The face you make when the rumors are true, and you collabed with your idol and basically your whole life is a dream, so you keep it cute for Brit, but inside you are wigless and dead," wrote the "Superlove" singer.

You can watch the "Slumber Party" video above.

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