***UPDATE: May 10, 2019—6:06 p.m. ET:*** According to The Blast, Britney Spears looked a "little anxious" as she walked out of the courtroom with her mom Lynne.

—4:55 p.m. ET: Britney's lawyer, Sam Ingham, said the singer wanted "the hearing to address the court regarding issues with medical care, her children and trade secrets, etc." Due to the sensitivity of the case, the media has been asked to leave the courtroom.

Britney is now speaking to the judge during the closed hearing.

—4:30 p.m. ET: Britney arrived at the courthouse holding hands with her mother Lynne. She has not entered the courtroom just yet, but bodyguards are with her in the hallway as she waits.

—4:10 p.m. ET: Fans have gathered in front of the courthouse with #FreeBritney posters as they await the conservatorship case to begin.


Britney Spears will appear in court in Los Angeles on Friday (May 10) as her parents battle over her conservatorship.

According to TMZ, the pop star will be there to support her mother, Lynne Spears, as she tries to obtain her daughter's medical files and treatment plan. Britney is siding with Lynne because "she wants freedom" from the conservatorship and apparently she's hoping her mom can help "ease the restrictions."

In case you need a quick recap, Lynne requested to be updated on the details of Britney's conservatorship following her 30-day stint in rehab last month. For the last 11 years, her father Jamie Spears has been singer's sole conservator, however, this might change after Lynne allegedly stated that her daughter was “in danger.”

Sources tell the website Lynne isn't looking to take control of daughter's life nor become a co-conservator. Instead, she just wants to know what's going on so she can keep tabs on Britney's affairs and make sure her ex-husband isn't abusing his power.

Lynne reportedly became worried after she read #FreeBritney posts on social media that insinuated Britney was being forced into treatment and that Jame had ordered doctors to keep her sedated. But as TMZ notes, he not does have the right to do that.

Multiple sources also told the outlet Britney is not doing very well, adding that she did not come out of rehab in great shape and "her judgment is impaired."

Stay tuned for more updates...

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