Bud Light has been a dominant player in the Super Bowl ad game for what feels like forever. How many times has the very first in-game commercial been a Bud Light spot? We're gonna take a rough guess and say "every single time," give or take a few.

Anyway, this year America's top-selling beer brand wrangled a couple funny people to pitch their product. Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, to their credit, do seem to be enjoying themselves here as they promote something called the Bud Light Party. What is that, you ask? Who knows. But that's not really the point. Even if you were wondering if they'd bother answering, you'll probably forget by the time Rogen starts inexplicably reciting the president's famous speech from Independence Day.

Hmmm ... bet we'll see a bit about that movie's upcoming sequel during the big game too (among lots of other trailers). But they'll never top that original commercial, the one we all first saw during the 1996 Super Bowl:

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