Is there anything on the internet quite as pleasing as seeing criminals get what they deserve?

Today, I stumbled across a video that literally made me laugh out loud. Some criminals are smart, but these two are no Heisenbergs. Security footage in Shanghai shows what happens when burglars throw bricks, with terrible aim or general awareness.

These two were attempting to break into a store of some kind, and their genius idea to throw bricks into the glass backfired very, very quickly.

The first guy lines up the toss, and heaves it, but to no avail. It didn't seem to do any real damage. I'm guessing since it didn't get the job done, he decided to run away. The only problem was, he ran directly into the throwing lane of idiot #2, who just launched a brick of his own.

Of course it smashed idiot #1 in the head, and knocked him completely unconscious.


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