Busta Rhymes has reportedly found himself at the center of a heated interaction once again.

According to a report the U.K.'s Daily Mail published on Wednesday (July 31), the veteran rhymer got into a verbal confrontation with a female passenger in first-class on a New York to London flight and was subsequently escorted off the plane by police.

Busta boarded a British Airways flight at New York's JFK Airport on Monday evening (July 29) and became "agitated, aggressive and rude" to a married woman who put her luggage in his locker. Busta allegedly hurled insults at the woman during the incident before the woman started to cry.

"He told her to move her stuff immediately," says one of the passengers on Busta's plane. "He began shouting and behaving extremely aggressively and the woman was getting more and more upset, she began crying. As she got more and more tearful, her husband intervened and told him he needn't be so rude to his wife. He said that 'he was upsetting her when she was clearly happy to move her things.'"

The witness says that the verbal argument became so heated that other passengers stepped in and another person called British Airways staff to defuse the situation.

Following the reported air rage incident, Busta was met by Metropolitan Police officers when the plane landed in London's Heathrow Airport on Tuesday morning (July 30). Although he was escorted off the plane, Busta was not arrested.

A rep for the Metropolitan Police told the Daily Mail that officers were dispatched to an "inbound plane to Heathrow Airport from the U.S. following an alleged verbal altercation involving several passengers," but didn't confirm if it involved Busta Rhymes and another passenger.

XXL has reached out to Busta Rhymes' camp for comment.

You can watch Busta Rhymes' exchange with another passenger who witnessed the incident on the plane below.

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