Looks like contemporary Call of Duty fans don't care as much as they do for change or the future as we thought. Then again, November was a crazy month for gaming.

Eurogamer reports that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's sales are about 27 percent lower than Call of Duty: Ghosts' by comparing the games' first month of sales in the US. These stats were found by Street Insider from Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson. Despite this decline, Advanced Warfare was still the best-selling retail game of the month, which had a staggering number of high-end and noteworthy releases across all platforms.

"This is disappointing data following first week Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales showing a year-over-year increase," Olsen said. "NPD data does not include digital copies or international sales, which, if included, would lessen the year-over-year decline, but we believe this data suggests potential for Q4 revenue upside is now very low."

Does this mean Activision will go back to its tried-and-true modern era of combat? We'll just have to wait for Infinity Ward's next entry of the series, which we're bound to hear about sometime in 2015.

It may not have gotten its gun sounds right:

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