Over 100,000 Call of Duty fans are petitioning Activision to release an HD remaster of Modern Warfare 2.

Fans are amassing behind a petition letter hoping to encourage Activision to bring back the Call of Duty game that helped revolutionize the franchise, GamesRadar reports. This petition letter to Activision, started by Australian Ramez Zahra, is rife with typos, poor grammar and a general slapdashedness, and yet 100,000 people have thrown their names in as supporting it. Why? According to the letter, they, like Zahra, seem to be craving the nostalgia of playing Modern Warfare 2 before it was overrun with hackers and the like ruining the experience, asking that Activision bring the hit game back with "a few things sorted out (eg noob-tubing)". With new a Call of Duty title hitting stores every year, hoping for a remaster of such a similarly playing title seems like an odd request; perhaps Zahra and his supporters are simply struggling with the trials of 2015 and wish to relive what was, for them, a simpler, easier time.

If you, too, wish for the simpler days of knife kills and noob-tubing, pop over to Change.org to check out the petition and support something we feel is rather needless. Modern Warfare 2 on current-gen consoles would just be another Definitive Edition. Bring Red Dead Redemption or something else more timeless back. Or, you know, do something good at Change.org and support something with a little more meaning behind it, like the petition to rename Alabama's Edmund Pettus Bridge after someone not famous for being a KKK member, or sign the petition to end forced marriage in the United States, or help protect women who have been victims of domestic violence.

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