Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are starring in an upcoming movie all about a sex tape, appropriately called ‘Sex Tape,’ and they revealed what it was like to film their bedroom scenes together.

“I think we were really kind of spur of the moment with it,” Jason told Entertainment Weekly, according to E!. “What was really amazing about doing it with Cameron is, I think, she and I come from a similar place when it comes to comedy. We don’t have a tremendous sense of pride or shame.”

He continued, “It was really like doing it with a buddy, which was cool. And the thing about the sex tape, they need to be embarrassed that it gets out…we really didn’t want it to be sensual or sexy.”

It’s not hard to imagine that actors with comedy masterpieces like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’ under their belts excelled at acting out a hilariously embarrassing sex tape.

“You wanted it to be kind of ridiculous, and absurd and humiliating,” Cameron said of the fake tape.

When asked about how they worked out the logistics of the on-camera movements and positions, she added, “We kind of made s--- up as we went along.”

An improvised sex scene? Comedic gold, we’re already calling it! ‘Sex Tape’ will hit theaters on July 18.