Just in time for the unofficial start to the summer season, Lake Meredith National Recreation Area has announced that camping will resume at all primitive and developed campgrounds. This is great news considering the park had been shutdown to most visitors not that long ago.

Park officials said they are taking step to ease restrictions and some closures that were put in place in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. They still want visitors to remember that social distancing guidelines remain in place. They say that as long as everyone keeps social distancing, they should be able to remain open. However, if social distancing is not practiced or state guidelines change, they may have to close again at some point. Fingers crossed that that does not happen.

Although campgrounds are reopened, services will remain limited in the park and you must pack out your trash when you leave. Fishing from piers and docks will remain closed at this time, but fishing from shorelines and boats continues to be open. Outdoor spaces at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area remain accessible to the public in accordance with the latest federal, state, and local health guidance.

The park’s trail system remains open and accessible to the public for use while following social distancing guidelines. Hunting areas in the park remain open for use while following social distancing guidelines and following state game laws. Horse corals and riding trails in the Plum Creek area remain open for use as well, as launch ramps at the lake, and the lake is open to fishing from boats and shoreline fishing.

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