Senate Bill 11 passed in August 2016 gave citizens permission to conceal carry weapons at four-year universities with an extra year for community colleges to comply. That anniversary is this week (August 2017) meaning that concealed carry is now legal at Amarillo College and other community colleges across the panhandle.

"Basically what we have been trying to get across to the AC community, the faculty, staff, and students is that today is just a normal day, normal day of business, the only thing that is different is it's legal  to campus carry, to concealed carry," said Scott Acker, the Assistant Chief with Amarillo College's Police Department, to KAMR Local 4.

On Amarillo College's campuses, there are 5 places where weapons are still not allowed. Those include the Carter Fitness Center on Washington, Amarillo Museum of Arts, the Child Development Lab, the Gym And Dance Facility at the West campus, and The Hagy Center For Young Children at the Medi-Park Campus.

Anyone who wishes to conceal carry music be licensed.

Students or anyone with questions about the new law and campus policies, are directed to contact the AC Police Department.

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