If you are a wrestling fan then you know exactly who The Rock is.  If you're not a wrestling fan, then you problably know him as Dwayne Johnson, the actor. 

After The Rock left the WWE, he tried his hardest to distance himself.  He no longer wanted to be know "The Rock," but as Dwayne Johnson, a serious actor.  He came out in a few action flicks before moving on to kid/family movies.  You may have seen him in The Tooth Fairy, or The Other Guys.

He did anything he could to avoid wrestling, the thing that kicked off his whole career.  Then, out of the blue he announces that he will be guest hosting Wrestlemania on April 3rd.  Not only that, but he has joined twitter, under the name The Rock!!

Now we can assume all we want.  Is he really returning to the ring?  Or is this a huge publicity stunt???  In my opinion, publicity!!!

The coincidence is The Rock or Dwayne Johnson has a new movie getting ready to hit the big screen.  Yeah, he will be starring in the "Fast Five" the fifth installment of the "Fast andFurious" franchise, which is set to be released April 29th.

I could call him a user, a phony, but in reality I don't care.  THE ROCK IS COMING BACK TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!!!!   I am so excited about all the trash talking and eyebrow lifting.  So I ask you Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?  Oh Yeah, its Wrestlemania XXVII!!!

What do you think about his return to the WWE?????