There's so much new footage in the new TV trailer for 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' there's gotta be at least a spoiler or two in there somewhere. But unlike the last trailer, which almost definitely spoiled something, this one's a bit more up in the air about what it's revealing.

Either way, it's pretty cool, and the minute-long TV spot offers plenty of new scenes for fans to feast their eyes on before the movie comes out on April 4. You can watch it above.

In addition to more footage featuring the big baddie, this third television spot also offers the closest look we've gotten to Anthony Mackie as the Falcon. Plus, an eyepatch-sporting Samuel L. Jackson starts the whole thing off, which is always a good thing.

The quick jump cuts make it kinda hard to follow what's going on -- which is all for the better, because we're pretty sure that some big event happening during the final showdown between Captain America and the Winter Soldier is given away in those frames.

And did we mention the explosions? Lots of explosions. Looks like there's gonna be plenty of those too. Which are almost as cool as Samuel L. Jackson and his eyepatch. Almost.

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