It doesn't look like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj will be friends anytime soon. Another chapter in the beef was penned on Sunday (Oct. 28) when Bardi's sister Hennessy Carolina appeared to accuse Nicki of giving the "Be Careful" rapper's phone number to the Barbz.

Carolina had time on Sunday, airing out her grievances about her sister's beef on Instagram. Along with screenshots of very nasty texts from strangers via Cardi's phone, Henny snapped in the caption. "Ya asking why I’m beefing with a fan base but ya not asking why someone with so much influence would use their influence to manipulate their fans to spread so much negativity and hate!" she wrote in the since-deleted post. "She leaked my sisters number to her fan pages the same shit she did to Mariah Lynn. It's easy for y'all to ask my why I'm bothered, why I care so much. But not one of you is waking up to death threats every day, made up stories that can effect my real life and real relationships."

Carolina did not call out Nicki by name but the insinuation is definitely there. Cardi recently talked about having to hire a private investigator to look into who was sending her vile text messages about her daughter. Last week, Bardi called out Nicki's fan army on Instagram Live due to their constant stalking of her social media. Sis has had enough.

Check out Hennessy Carolina's claims below.

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