Throughout the night, 2012 Teen Choice Awards hosts Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale (that dude that plays Artie on ‘Glee‘) teased the audience, mentioning that viewers were asked to submit videos of them singing along to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit song ‘Call Me Maybe.’

Alas, we were finally treated to a performance by Jepsen, radio’s current princess. Clad in a romper with a sweetheart neckline that may have shown just a little too much cleavage for a teen award show, she sang her smash single while videos in the background of celebrity TCA attendees and the aforementioned viewers lip synching the song played along.

What was most fun about the performance, though, was seeing the reactions from the crowd. ‘Modern Family’ cutie Rico Rodriguez, who plays Manny on the show, was caught singing along, and Jepsen managed to share the spotlight momentarily with everyone’s favorite little British darlings Sophia Grace and Rosie, who screamed the lyric gleefully into the microphone placed in front of them.

The performance was unfortunately a little lackluster. With little energy and mouth barely moving, Jepsen was singing the song live, but provided no more enthusiasm than those who’d be singing along in a car. Actually, people singing in a car probably have a significant amount more energy — at least we know we put on a show for our fellow drivers on the road.

Perhaps it’s time for the singer to hang up [the phone] on ‘Call Me Maybe’ and focus on her new single ‘Good Time’ with Owl City.

Watch Carly Rae Jepsen Perform ‘Call Me Maybe’ at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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