Okay there is no proof that Carrot Top has ever taken steroids, but damn he sure does look like it!  Or I guess I should say "did" look like it.  The freakish muscular ginger has dropped 30 pounds in an effort to look normal again.

TMZ caught up with Mr. Top in Hollywood last night, where he admitted that he has stopped his weight lifting regime and has began focusing on cardio.  This all in an effort to shed muscle mass.

When TMZ asked if "he was sick of being buff", he simply replied "it didn't fit my style".

Yeah you could say it didn't fit his style.  First, he kind of looks like a girl, when you added all that muscle in, wow!  It looked like a steroid plunging woman with hair as red as the devil himself!  I mean look at this picture and tell me I'm wrong.

Now if he really wants to lose that muscle mass, he needs to take up smoking crack!  I hear that stuff is better then Jenny Craig!  They call it Jenny Crack!