Every now and then, a little birdie will sit on your shoulder and tell you something interesting.

This time, that 'something interesting' came in the form of a real estate listing. Not just any real estate listing, but the listing for the deeply entrenched historic icon of Old Route 66 in Amarillo: The Cattleman's Club & Cafe.

Located at 3803 E Amarillo Boulevard, Cattleman's Club & Cafe has been open for over 60 years.

I know that many old timers consider Cattleman's Club to be the oldest bar in town that's still operating today. And interestingly enough, a little bit of poking around the ol' search engine shows a few results that suggest the 24-hour cafe has only closed once. And that one time in particular was due to a snowstorm that walloped the city in 2013 (you remember that one!)

But, back to the listing.

Selling, Not Closing

Now, usually when a property goes on the market, it means the business is closing its doors. That's not the case here with Cattleman's Club & Cafe. Whew.

According to the listing description,

The crown jewel of this property is the ''Cattlemans 24hr Cafe'', a legendary establishment that has been a staple of the Amarillo and Texas Panhandle for decades. Alongside the cafe, you'll also find the ''Cattlemans Club'', a well-known local watering hole, both of which are open and operational, offering a solid revenue stream from day one.

With that tidbit out of the way, a cursory look at what all is in the "Cattleman's Package" is really honestly quite impressive for the respectful asking price of just $875,000.

For a turnkey historic establishment that's fully operational and extra retail spots? Jeez Louise, if I had a handful of buddies who could go in on the price with me--I'd be the first one making an offer.

Check it out!

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Talk about serious history, right here.

Listed with Taylor Mangiameli w/ Rilio Realty for a smooth $875,000, this is an inside look at the Cattleman's package that has just hit the Amarillo real estate market.

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