Celebrities are always thrown in our face through social media, the news, and so on and so on.  But there are a few celebrities that just irk me to the core.

After hearing about Taylor Swift ending another relationship, I though uggghhh just go away!  Since she isn't going anywhere, I did the next best thing-put here on my list of celebrities I'd like to punch.  Enjoy!

1. Taylor Swift

Not only does she go through men like toothbrushes, but she always has this fake shocked look on her face.  Get over it!

Do I even need to explain?

When I look at her, I am completely disgusted.  Although she may have good looks, her attitude clouds that and makes her look like an ugly witch.

Everything from his voice to his hair pushes my last nerves.

I'd punch her for being so whiny and entitled.  Come on, you got famous from a sex tape and nothing eles!

Which celeb would you love to punch in the face?

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