Hip-hop and the world at large is still reeling after the murder of Nipsey Hussle last month. Yet as tragic as the Crenshaw rapper's death was, his memorial has only made the visions and ideals that he's stood for resonate deeper and more vastly. There have been memorials from Houston to Eritrea, his father's native country. Earlier this month, Nipsey's homegoing service took over the city of Los Angeles.

On a personal level, Nipsey's fans and peers have been grieving the slain rapper and entrepreneur as well. Some artists have shouted him out during live performances or dedicated songs to the former XXL Freshman. Others have shown their love for Nip via athletic performances. Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook dropped a historic 20-20-20 triple double against the Los Angeles Lakers on April 2—an subtle yet incredible nod to Nipsey's allegiance to the Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips. And the Houston Rockets' James Harden has dedicated his 2019 NBA playoff campaign to Neighborhood Nip, who was a close friend. “This journey that I’m on is for him,” he said.

Others have gotten inked in honor of Nipsey Hussle, offering their bodies as human canvases for tribute murals. There's no more brazen way to show everlasting love than to be tatted with someone's likeness. In less than a month since Nipsey's death, several other celebrities—artists and athletes alike—have had his words or portrait inscribed on their bodies, from The Game and Rick Ross to his surviving lover, actress Lauren London.

XXL highlights the famous friends of Nipsey Hussle who have gotten tattoos in his honor. The marathon continues.

  • Jordan Clarkson

    Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jordan Clarkson had Nipsey's face tatted on his shoulder.

  • J.R. Smith

    The Cavs' J.R. Smith got a hyperrealistic tattoo of Nipsey Hussle on his leg—it even depicts the rapper's own “prolific” and “God will rise” face tats.

  • Lauren London

    Lauren London inked her forearm with her late lover's likeness, with the words "God will rise" beneath.

  • Rick Ross

    Rick Ross had famed tattooist Tatu Baby bless him with a tat of his late friend Nipsey Hussle.

  • Roddy Ricch

    Nipsey's friend and "Racks in the Middle" collaborator Roddy Ricch got the word "prolific" tatted on his face—a nod to Nip's own tattoo and a the opening of his song, "Victory Lap."

  • Russ

    Russ' shoulder tat of Nipsey Hussle features a halo above his head and is bordered along the bottom with "The Marathon."

  • The Game

    The Game continues to keep Nipsey's memory alive with a tattoo of his fallen friend.

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