It sure is nice to hear encouraging news in times like these.

In the midst of a chaotic time of confusion, panic, and heartbreak, there still emerge stories of people who work on the front lines of "doing good in the world." The first groups of people who come to mind are those working in our medical communities to give aid to those affected by the Coronavirus. Also, of course, anyone engaged in any humanitarian efforts to care for people outside of the business world.

However, there are people in business and industry making choices that will not only benefit their business in the long-run, but particularly allows them to continue paying their employees.

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One such example in Texas Roadhouse CEO W. Kent Taylor. He's made the admirable, people-loving choice to "forgo his base salary and bonus from the pay period starting March 18 through Jan. 7, 2021, with the money to be used to pay front-line workers," reports 

In their further efforts to save money as the COVID-19 storm rages on, Texas Roadhouse will be suspending dividends.

Well done, Kent. I feel motivated to pick up the phone and place an order--TO GO, of course. ;)

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