A local restaurant is in the hot seat after a post on social media kicked up a fuss.

Cerveceria 18 has come under fire after customers allege the restaurant remained open despite no running water on location on Tuesday. The restaurant and bar opened late last year after the building had sat empty for some time. Prior to that the building was the original location of Kabuki, then the short-lived Kushi Yama.

What's the fuss about?

On May 22, a post was made in the "AMARILLO RESTAURANT REVIEWS...AT YOUR OWN RISK" with an urgent request for a phone number to report there was no running water in the business and that they were "using buckets to flush down toilets".

In the comments of the post, a video from FraCas Nohemi was posted to substantiate the claim.

The short video shows a bucket filled with water next to the sink, with a cup floating in it. The sink faucet does not turn on when the handle is pulled. It then pans over to show unflushed toilets that do not respond when the lever is pushed,

Nohemi states that there were no signs stating the water was off or that the restaurant was experiencing the issue until she went to use the restroom and made the discovery.

It was confirmed that a water line underneath the building had failed and the Environmental Health Department visited the location the same day and water service was restored.

The plumbing isn't the only issue, others say



Concerns with the business aren't limited to water outages.

Nohemi expressed concern with how employees were treated by management when they were informed of the water outage.

Other issues cited by customers included $10 ATM fees, poor service, cars getting towed, tricky upsells with liquor shots, and not disclosing that Amarillo National Bank debit cards could not be used for payment after 11:30pm

Bank card disputes

One group member shared what they learned after experiencing problems with using a ANB debit card to pay the bill, there were enough disputes over payments that the bank flagged any payments,

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

I don't know what happened with the water, nor can I confirm nor deny any of the things others have said about Cerveceria 18.

But I do know that for the month of March 2024, Cerveceria commanded the top slot in liquor sales as reported by the TABC and made available on this site.


The restaurant is a swanky fixture that offers live music and an extensive menu of Mexican food fare. In sum, it is no shy operation.

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