Texans are already mad at Whataburger for the sale of their company to a Chicago based investment firm. This is just rubbing salt in the wound.

You may have heard that Whataburger was purchased by  BDT Capital Partners a couple of weeks ago. This is good and bad news. Good news, more people around the country will likely get Whataburger now. Bad news, this company could change things about Whataburger that we have grown to love about the brand. Does this mean they will? No, but it is a fear we all have with this sale.

Well, the fine folks at Raygun clothing are poking fun at the Whataburger sale to a Chicago company. They have a t-shirt that reads, "Chicago's Most Famous Texas Hamburger Chain (as of June 2019). To mark the occasion on Instagram, they said “Now that Whataburger belongs to Chicago, we celebrate with a shirt.” They have also made jokes that deep dish pizza will soon be at Whataburger and the will start doing promotions for Cubs baseball.

It's all in good fun in my opinion, but some Texans are pretty pissed from the comments. I mean, I would never wear the shirt, but nothing we can do about the sale now. Unless one of our Texas billionaires wants to buy it back? I'm talking to you Jerry Jones.

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