This cracks me up. Seven percent of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

So, an average 17,2060 Amarilloans think that brown cows make chocolate milk.

The survey was conducted by the Innovation Center of US Dairy in April. 1,000 adults 18 and over were asked questions about the role milk plays in their daily lives, Food & Wine reported.

The study found 48% of respondents weren’t sure where chocolate milk came from. Seven percent thought chocolate milk only comes from brown cows.

That adds up to about 16.4 million people, more than the population of Ohio.

The Washington Post linked the study to past studies that consistently show many Americans have no idea where their food comes from. For example, a study in the 1990s found that nearly 20% of people did not know hamburgers are made from beef.

OMG where do skittles come from?

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