Chris Brown and Drake have been slapped with another lawsuit stemming from their infamous champagne bottle-throwing brawl at a New York nightclub back in June.

The New York Post is reporting that a male model named Romain Julien has filed a lawsuit against the duo, and the W.i.P. club, alleging that he suffered a severed tendon in his right hand during the melee. Julien’s attorney, David Jaroslawicz, said his client has already undergone surgery and that he may never regain full use of his hand. He also believes that Julien’s career as a model is in jeopardy because of the injury.

“For male models, having a cosmetic deformity is not something that enhances your career,” said Jaroslawicz. “[He was] an innocent bystander. He was not dating Rihanna.” It’s unclear how much Julien is seeking in compensatory damages for his injured hand.

As we previously reported, owners of the W.i.P. club filed a $16 million lawsuit against Brown and Drake, claiming they are liable for the brawl which injured several people. Concerning the male model’s lawsuit, a rep for the owners said, “We will fully evaluate the claim once we receive formal notice and the particulars of the claim, and will respond appropriately.”

Attorneys for Chris Brown and Drake had no comment on the legal matter.

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