Chris Brown, who at times has been known to air his drama out through social media, will be addressing some of his recent issues on wax, as the singer previews a new song with Zoey Dollaz.

The rapper gave a first listen of the track via his Instagram page. The song, which is likely titled "Post and Delete," makes reference to both Brown's relationship issues and his run-in with police earlier in the year stemming from assault accusations.

In the above video, Breezy can be heard rapping, "I had to block your account and unfollow your ass, yeah, bitch you the worst/And if you try to tag me, I’ma start spazzing, Shade Room and Baller Alert/I was just minding my business, it was just me and my niggas/You started liking his pictures, I started piping these bitches."

As for that September story, in which police searched Brown's home without finding the firearm he was accused of using to commit assault. "Never gave the police my statement/Never said shit about the bricks I had up in my basement," the singers says on the song.

Brown had addressed those accusations shortly after they were made with the track "What Would You Do?" and reflects on his year a bit more here. The "Post and Delete" snippet has been posted to YouTube as well, which can be seen below. While that effort doesn't have a release date yet, Brown currently has a new single out, "Party" featuring Usher and Gucci Mane.

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