It's happened again... The City of Amarillo is reporting that they have had another large wastewater spill, this time at Lift Station #40 in the northwest section of Amarillo. A previous spill occurred back on June 23 at the lift station near Southeast Park. In that spill, 450,000 gallons of wastewater spilled into Southeast Park Lake.

The latest spill is located on Cliffside Road, near the northwest corner of Loop 335. According to the report, the spill happened earlier on Wednesday, July 8, due to an electrical issue. The volume of the spill was an estimated 350,000 gallons, and was a combination of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater. The wastewater flowed into undeveloped land, and was contained by crews onsite.

Disinfectant has been placed on the spill area, and crews are actively cleaning up the
spill site. Necessary and appropriate actions in the best interest of public safety will be
taken if needed and indicated by sampling. The Lift Station has returned to normal operation according to city officials.

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