Netflix attempted something new with The Cloverfield Paradox, dropping the third Cloverfield movie on the streaming site the same day they released its first and only trailer during the Super Bowl. Plenty of people tuned in right after the game ended, but, according to the numbers, not as many as Netflix’s other projects have attracted.

According to Nielsen (via The Hollywood Reporter), which measures only TV set viewings, 784,579 people toggled to their Netflix app right after the Eagles had their victory to see what this intriguing new sci-fi movie was all about. That led to 2.8 million viewers over the first three days the movie was available, and 5 million viewers in the first week. That’s nowhere near the numbers Netflix’s other much-derided recent movie, Bright, stirred up. That film gathered 11 million views in just three days.

It’s not a bad turnout, and these numbers don’t show the amount of people who watched the movie on their computers or phones, but the movie also didn’t make as much of an impact as it might have if it were as good as we were hoping it would be, or as bafflingly terrible as Will Smith’s orc cop drama. The surprise drop didn’t hurt NBC too much, though: 27 million people watched the special episode of This Is Us right after the Super Bowl.

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