The cold rain and perma-fog must have gotten to Cody Simpson when he was visiting London recently. The 14-year-old popstar grabbed some inspiration from Drake‘s sad track ‘Marvin’s Room’ and reimagined the scene set in London for his own take, ‘Evenings in London.’

We’re not sure what prompted the young singer to tackle this particularly depressing cover — perhaps he found himself missing someone back ‘home’ in L.A. while he was across the pond, or maybe he’s just a good actor — but he certainly seems blue in this video, which captures him at the mic.

While the song cites cell phone usage multiple times, we suspect Cody is actually scrolling through his cell phone reading lyrics to the song rather than “checking his call log,” but given the story it outlines, it works.

Despite the fact that 99% of the clip was shot in the recording studio, Cody’s ‘Evenings in London’ is almost like a true music video, with city lights shots and his painstakingly low facial expressions — in addition to the iPhone fiddling. At the end of the song, when he gets home and finally gets to see his girl, only to find out that she’s been cheating, he angrily pulls off his headset and walks out of the booth, leaving us with the words “…’til it’s gone.”

On Twitter, Cody made a big promise to his followers, declaring, “#EveningsInLondon is now live!! when you guys get the video to 100K views I will release a free link to the mp3.” We wonder if Drake will grab his copy?

Watch Cody Simpson Reinvent Drake’s ‘Marvin’s Room’

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